Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's been tremendously long since I last write anything here. At the moment a lot is happening that I do not know where to start. Let's see.......

Tadi I went to urut kaki....after lot's of coaxing from awanis. She's been very concerned with my well touched. She's the one in pink fact the people in this pic including the photographer is my bestest (newly coined so students jgn ikut na!'s not in the dictionary) friends

Hah......excited letak gambar (try test and cuba) I want to talk about urut kaki. Well....I think yang ni betul2 menggembirakan coz the lady helped ease my aching tired legs and not just that even made me drink more water, eat more vege and fruits via her advises whilst massaging. The things she highlighted as she urut my legs were true to the core coz she even mentioned about my knee among other things which were true. She told me to do it 3 times.....the urut thing and as of today i dah pergi more tomorrow.

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