Monday, November 17, 2008

my speech

The first time after many years....having to talk in public. I have always told my students it's easy but when I'm in their shoes....I realised it's not at all that easy.

Well here goes....

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all – panel of evaluators and fellow friends, I am Siti Norhida binti Osman from SM Sains Muar. The title for my public speaking today is “Love Your Family”.

Sounds easy right? I thought so too when I set out to prepare my speech, it suddenly didn’t seem that easy anymore. Give me the jitters as I wait for this day to come and it certainly has increase tenfold as I wait for my turn. It’s definitely easier to write than to speak. Ladies and gentlemen, bear with me as I define the word ‘love’ then ‘family’ and after that I’ll share with you the importance of showing your love to your family and some tips that I managed to dig from friends and the net.

‘Love’. What is love? When you say ‘I love durians’, I love my new civic’ or even ‘I love my baby’…. Do they mean the same? Is there a difference in the depth of love? What is the difference? In a husband and wife relationship – a couple is a complete unit. Like the saying …. ‘It takes two to tango”. The relationship is strong when they love each other because they complete each other. One would not be strong without the other. In a family – parents definitely love their children. When there is love – they will provide a sense of protection and care so that children will grow up brave enough to face challenges and become good individuals. Now the word family – in a Malaysia scenario a family unit includes a father, a mother, children, grandparents and grandchildren.

The topic Love Your Family actually has a wide scope but for today allow me to narrow the scope on how parents show their love towards their children. On to my first point – parents show their love to their children by spending quality time with the children. Make the children happy.

This reminds me of an e-mail I received from a friend. It’s about a son asking the father if he has $5.00….the father who came back from work (example was given but forgotten)

Remember the lecture by Hjh Norbi? She showed us how the water molecule looked like when we say good words and also when bad words are used. Children’s soul too should be nurtured with good words so that it would be as beautiful as the good water molecule. So dear friends…..if you have not started make sure you do. Show your love and make your children happy. By spending time together, children will feel loved. This is important because it will make the children feel belonged to the family, have very high self-esteem and feel confident about them. Children who are emotionally stable will show great performance in whatever they do. They tend to do better in their academic performance and develop good relationship with friends and people around them.

My second point is – show your love by being good role models. Lead by example. As parents, we should show good example. Show our children the best way to behave. How can we do this? Treat other people accordingly; be kind to friends and neighbours at all times regardless of race and religion. From a psychological point of view, children learn from a very young age. If they are exposed to good examples in their family, they will grow up becoming wise and well mannered. One important aspect of showing good example is by spending enough time at home with our children. If parents are always busy, other elements will be the children’s role model. In today’s culture and society, our children’s role model could be their friends, local or foreign artist or just anyone else. What happens if they befriend bad characters like a pimp or drug addict? Hmmm…..we do not want that to happen don’t we? So parents take time to become your children’s mentor. Show to your children that in life, we place importance in aspects like spiritual values and good moral conduct.

My 3rd point – show your love through your sense of appreciation. How is that so? By remembering dates especially when it concerns our children. Do you remember your children’s birthday? Or do you have to be reminded on? As parents we have to make our children feel special and appreciated every day but on certain important days like their birthdays, don’t you ever forget to pamper them whenever it’s appropriate. Give them what they deserve – your love. Another way of showing appreciation is by making sure you listen to your children when they talk to you. Show interest in whatever they are trying to say. Make sure they get the message that they are important to you. When they know that you love them, they will do whatever it takes to make you happy. That’s what I like about children. They are very transparent in their emotion. You can sense sincerity in the love they give. We adults should do the same. There’s a lot that we can learn from these children. No matter how little the improvement they have made, appreciate them. Never give up appreciating and motivating like the saying ‘Give your best and the best will come back to you’. In this case surely your children’s success in their lives.

By doing all these, we are also helping to achieve one of the challenges in Vision 2020 which is to form a Caring Society. With that, I thank you.
I'm still new at this......just trying out. Thanks to kak noreen for introducng this to me. Something I need to learn......(which I'm sure is a breeze to my students....shhh)