Saturday, November 7, 2009

It's been tremendously long since I last write anything here. At the moment a lot is happening that I do not know where to start. Let's see.......

Tadi I went to urut kaki....after lot's of coaxing from awanis. She's been very concerned with my well touched. She's the one in pink fact the people in this pic including the photographer is my bestest (newly coined so students jgn ikut na!'s not in the dictionary) friends

Hah......excited letak gambar (try test and cuba) I want to talk about urut kaki. Well....I think yang ni betul2 menggembirakan coz the lady helped ease my aching tired legs and not just that even made me drink more water, eat more vege and fruits via her advises whilst massaging. The things she highlighted as she urut my legs were true to the core coz she even mentioned about my knee among other things which were true. She told me to do it 3 times.....the urut thing and as of today i dah pergi more tomorrow.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Just want to reflect on what happened to me exactly a week ago today. Just couldn't understand why someone who knows how dear the friendship is to me.....could just become so cold in a blink of an eye. Can u imagine after almost constantly reminding me on the visit that saturday, after having made me wait (I was thrilled and looking forward to the visit) the only answer given as to whether he would be arriving was he had just finished his game so it was not possible to make it that day.

To me that was cruel as I had prepared the house to receive guest.

27 June 2009 - Hari ni I went to Kem Lambaian Danau....tgk bebudak PBSM. Pssst.......sebenarnya x tgk pun bebudak ni, I was busy enjoying the view soothing my heart. Tranquil kan? Waht have I been missing?????

Hari ni sis bagitau that my niece yang baru 2 hari looks sebiji like me. Hmmmmm.......aunty suke. Can't wait to see.....dia mcm aunty dia totally Atiqah (my bro's eldest daughter). Yang sorang ni kalau jalan2 tak leh jalan ngan aunty coz org selalu ingat anak aunty. Syian gak .... tapi kalau gitu susah la aunty nak cari uncle.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hi there,
16 Mei.....a significant day for teachers. To be remembered on this day especially by students that we've taught years ago (yang nama and muka pun we can't recollect anymore) is really something. I was visited by a few of my students from 2003. Ada sorang tu dulu nakal yang amat.....but seeing what he has turned out to be made me feel very happy indeed. Kadang2 budak2 yang mcm ni boleh buat kita dapat serangan jantung tapi bila ingat balik yang ni jugalah yang menggumbirakan hati.

Whatever it is.....for a person who gave herself two years in the beginning of her teaching career and has now been in the same profession for 14 years, this is indeed something that I grow to love. All the different individuals i've had the chance to encounter and to see how they've developed in life has indeed made me feel very happy. (Walaupun kdg2 ter jeles la gak......coz budak2 ni dah really soar, some even became very successful and rich too.....but the bottom line matter what I'm loving what I do.....and am very happy to see me kids bloom and soar high.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello....lama betul baru nak tulis. I've been very2 bz. How i wish things would not be this hectic. One after another.....but that's life. And throughout the course of our life we learn and mature along the way. I'll try to find time to do this.....I'm trying my best to forget what i should not remember but the harder I try the more I remember. Yang geram....things i should remember are the very things that I forget. But want to know sumthing????? I have great friends and I'm grateful to God for giving me them.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Salam, it's been a while since I've tried blogging. Jealous gak tgk ena rajin but i'm still grasping. The SPM result is out.....mcm2 mix feeling ada. Mcm kita yang nak amik result.

Anyway....SAMURA....u made us proud of your achievements and I'm glad to be here. I've learned a lot from the teachers here. It takes a strong team and intelligent leaders to make us work the way we do. Togetherness....we fight, we argue but when all is done we flourish together.

Hope this year will be better......and we'll enjoy working together while overcoming all the shortcomings along the way. As they say....there's no easy road to success.