Saturday, June 27, 2009


Just want to reflect on what happened to me exactly a week ago today. Just couldn't understand why someone who knows how dear the friendship is to me.....could just become so cold in a blink of an eye. Can u imagine after almost constantly reminding me on the visit that saturday, after having made me wait (I was thrilled and looking forward to the visit) the only answer given as to whether he would be arriving was he had just finished his game so it was not possible to make it that day.

To me that was cruel as I had prepared the house to receive guest.

27 June 2009 - Hari ni I went to Kem Lambaian Danau....tgk bebudak PBSM. Pssst.......sebenarnya x tgk pun bebudak ni, I was busy enjoying the view soothing my heart. Tranquil kan? Waht have I been missing?????

Hari ni sis bagitau that my niece yang baru 2 hari looks sebiji like me. Hmmmmm.......aunty suke. Can't wait to see.....dia mcm aunty dia totally Atiqah (my bro's eldest daughter). Yang sorang ni kalau jalan2 tak leh jalan ngan aunty coz org selalu ingat anak aunty. Syian gak .... tapi kalau gitu susah la aunty nak cari uncle.